How not to list a house today

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so driving through the outskirts of town (a few months ago so just now posting this) & noticed 2 large RE signs. Me, wife, kids in tow, we like the large home/large lot area, so we pulled over onto the small private road. Problem 1) there were at least 4 houses in that private road, not clear which one was for sale, so we kinda checked out each one a bit from the car, we found the house. It had been completely renovated, the best pool & waterfall ive ever seen. Vacant. The reno decision/work was iffy. A single front door opens to a huge room (why not double?) then the master looked small. We found a mothers qtrs (??) upstairs, 2bd, only accesible from the backyard?, Pretty odd layout. Anyway. So we went back out to the 2 re sings. 2) when you put a phone #, with extension, make sure the property details are there, 3) when you put a "text msg this #" , please make sure it works, we got nothing (ever). 4) when you put a website, put allyour listings there (at least). not a generic "i'm a realtor site, call me". If your going to go through all that work to try to appear state of the art (txt msg, website, 2 signs), please, please follow through. I think this house maybe was outta her league or something. Ok rant over. 

LOL! don't you love inept listings.

I am on Facebook pages where there are lots of people posting there house for rent/sale. it always kills me when the links don't work. Or they are only advertising with "one" select site.

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