How Can/Does A Real Estate Agent Obtain Exclusive Listings ?

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Greetings BP Community,

I hope ALL is well and EVERYTHING is going YOUR WAY !

Can anyone offer me any Strategies or Tips on obtaining Exclusive Listings ?  Your response is greatly appreciated?  

Nicole Gentry


Some things we do.

  • Online advertising.
  • Yard signs.
  • T-shirts.
  • Vehicle signs.
  • Hats.
  • Sponsor baseball teams.
  • Billboards.
  • Google ad words.
  • Bigger Pockets.
Originally posted by @Nicole Gentry :

Greetings BP Community,

I hope ALL is well and EVERYTHING is going YOUR WAY !

Can anyone offer me any Strategies or Tips on obtaining Exclusive Listings ?  Your response is greatly appreciated?  

Nicole Gentry

Awesome Question!

Getting listings is "the name of the game" in creating a long term real estate business.

If you are an agent, and you are wanting to take more control over your time, as well as the type of customers you attract, then you must be deliberate in your approach to get them. 

I believe there are three tips I would give in order to help you... speaking as an Investing Agent with 19 years experience in REO, Short Sales, as well as regular residential resale; I think I can help!

These three tips revolve around three words.  Attitude, Approach, and Expectations!


With every prospect, understand that you need to have a specific mental attitude towards each one.  For Sale By Owners require a different skill set and mindset than an Expired Listing prospect might.  

Your attitude towards prospecting, contacting For Sale By Owners, Expired Listings, Cancelled Listings, Just Listed, Just Sold, as well as Sign Conversion will have an enormous effect on your success!

If you believe that you can accomplish something, you are well on your way to doing it!


Now that you have your proper attitude and mindset regarding the particular prospect you have... it's time to determine your approach! 

Remember, every prospect has their own individual needs and desires.  You will have to modify your approach to fit the requirements of each one.  

For Sale By Owners, as I said before, require a different approach than an Expired Listing might. You might want to consider using a different script for the FSBO than the Expired for example...

Your approach will dictate how you followup with customers. FSBO's who are lightly motivated will get less attention than an Expired Listing who is deciding on a new agent within the next 24 hours!


I would be remiss if I didn't mention your expectations.  You must constantly be on guard of the expectations you set for yourself as well as your customers.  

For your customers, what do you EXPECT them to do?  Do you EXPECT them to sign your contract?  Or do you EXPECT Them to object and say no?

A large portion of your success in sales occurs in the 12 inches between your ears.

For yourself... what do you expect from yourself?  Do you expect the best?  Do you expect mediocrity?  What do you expect?  

If you expect nothing but sales excellence, then you will take the time to learn the sales skills required to handle the individual sales environments you find yourself in. 

I wish you nothing but success!  There is a LOT of free information available for taking listings and being a better agent... if you need some resources..the community is just a PM away! 

Have a Powerful Sales Day! 

Make 20 contacts a day.  Ask everyone you meet if they know someone who wants to sell, even the convenience store clerks, and people behind you in lines.  Door Knock in you favored neighborhoods.  Door knock FSBOs and expireds.  

Everybody else assumed you are a listing agent, but since your title says Investor, I think you maybe are seeking the listing agents who are listing the exclusive listings ...

Find a neighborhood you want to do business in and farm-Farm-FARM!

Use the USPS's Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) to send postcards to farm said neighborhood.

Offer a home seller's guide.

Call up expired listings.  Send them direct mail.

Go find nice houses that are already for sale by another agent, take their sign out of the ground and replace it with your sign (ok-ok, this last one was a joke!  haha).

Greetings David!

Thank you for your response.  I appreciate it. I will implement all of your suggestions including your last one (ok, ok, I know the last one was just a joke! HAHA !)

Much, much, success to you ! 


PS. I'll keep you posted. 

What do you mean by "exclusive listings"??

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