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Does anyone have experience working for or with United Real Estate? I´m in the middle of the process for getting my R.E. License and I´ve been interviewing with different brokerages in order to decide which one is the best for my career. Any insight is appreciated.

Pavel Reyes Valdes, Real Estate Agent in KY (#76010)
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Originally posted by @Pavel Reyes Valdes :

No @Matt Powell I decided to go with a small local firm, because they don´t charge me monthly fees and I´m not actively doing R.E. as an Agent. I mostly focus on finding deals for myself. The name of my brokerage is Edenside Realtors. 

Thank you sir. So does your brokerage require you do ANY deals outside of ones you're doing for yourself? Any advice on how to find a small local firm that's investor-friendly?

I´m not require to accomplish any quota in my brokerage. The split is 75-25 until I reach certain amount of sales and commissions. After that I keep 100% of my commissions. I found this firm through another investor who is also with this brokerage. I would recommend you to reach out to other Realtors in your area who are also investors and ask for any referral.

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Pavel Reyes Valdes, Real Estate Agent in KY (#76010)
(502) 296-4839

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