Are you a realtor in Cincinnati?

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, 

  I'm sorry if these individual scenario-based posts bogged down the forum discussions, but I am in need of my  peers' recommendation:

  If you are a realtor in the Cincinnati area, or have worked with realtors you would recommend ( specifically those active and involved in the Hyde Park area), please message me to let me know!  I'm assuming that anyone connected to this community would be investors savvy and friendly).

  Thank you all! Thank you all for your contributions, and keep up the good work Josh and Brandon!



Hey Tanner,

There are investor friendly Realtors right here on BP like myself. I would recommend looking for recently active members on the site to find an agent. Or ask some of your local BP guys who they recommend.

Hey Colin,

  Thanks for your reply. Yes, that's the idea Colin. Now, when I go to network and find members, it won't let me search by a Cincinnati Zip. It looks like I can't really do what you stated, without PRO, right?

 Thanks  for helping me navigate the tricks and gimmicks of the site. I love it so far, but some of these things I haven't figured out a work around for yet (hence- the forum post). I appreciate additional feedback!


This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

Hi James I'm a Realtor in Cincy with Reinvest Consultants LLC. We acquire distressed properties in the Cincinnati market and work with cash buyers. What were you looking to do in Hyde Park

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