I am a new agent in DFW TX looking for a REI brokerage to work for any recommendations?

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I just moved to McKinney TX and I am almost done getting my real estate license. I need a brokerage in the area that focuses on real estate investment. If anyone knows of any, or works for any I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.


Hi @Lance Wakefield - congrats on the decision to get your license. No specific company recs, as I live in Idaho.  However, I would say based on my experience that if a brokerage starts wooing you really hard,  be skeptical.  In my experience, the most successful brokerages are the ones so busy being successful, that they naturally attract great achievers. Also, I personally would consider a flat fee brokerage vs. a huge split per transaction traditional type.  Good luck with your decision! 

Hi @Lance Wakefield ,

Congratulations on deciding to be a real estate agent.

I recently got my license here in Texas because of my interest in real estate investing. (FYI, my wife and I live in Murphy and we both signed with Keller Williams Allen.) If you send me a PM I can tell you of the different investor specific brokerages I have encountered and why I decided to sign with KW.

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Thanks for all the great support!

The purpose with my license is to buy and sell residential real estate and to flip and resale. Once properties are picked up I will rehab and use the license to sell the properties. 

Good to know that I should avoid the big recruiters!

I am familiar with New Western, but i am looking for a brokerage thats not exclusively involved in wholesaling. My understanding is that is what New Western does. 

So to be more specific I am looking for a brokerage that focuses on flips or has agents that do that I could work with/ assist in order to learn. Thanks again for all the help!

My wife is currently working  on her license and we will be looking for something similar soon. Let me know if you find something good!

I got a fantastic list of brokerages that do REI in different ways from another investor. Let me ask him if its okay for me to share that list on the forums or with each of you personally @Jordan Carty and @Erik Drentlaw. Do any of you know someone who is the "authority" for flipping houses here in the dfw area?

Lance, Im getting mine to . Im originally from Plano. Raised there. Been gone for about 6 years and am coming back. The growth is insane. Would love to hear about any luck you had in your search. 

I am happy with my TX brokerage.  They are investor oriented and I wouldn't ever consider any other place to hang my license.  I am not sure if I can advertise them on this forum but happy to share via private message.