ISO Investment Agent Columbus, OH

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New to Columbus by way of company relocation.  Looking for 4plex with functional obsolescence in or near downtown. Ideal neighborhoods: Vic Village, Harrison West, German Village, Italian Village.

Wish to deal with an experienced investment agent specifically. 

Pre-Qualified = 300k 

Thank You,


Hi @Branden Kenton . I am licensed in Ohio and live in Columbus close to Victorian Village/Short North/OSU. You're lucky to find a single family property under $300k in Vic Village.  You just named all the "hot spots" in Columbus. :)  But please let me know if I can help in any way!  -Darrin

@Branden Kenton Welcome to Columbus! I am licensed in Ohio as well as experienced in working with Investors. You definitely have done your homework! Those are **HOT** neighborhoods! However, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and I am willing and able to help you find it! Please send me your contact information.