Illinois 75hr pre-license estudy course

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Has anyone bought the e-course? Can I take the exam without buying the pre license? If so, does anyone have the program I can buy from them?

Thanks, Jeff

@Jeff Mikos

Yes, you have to take the class even if you have the materials or knowledge. 90 hours total, at least 15 of which need to be interactive (via Webinar or in person).

I took my education through Chicago Real Estate School. I did the online portion for 75 hours and in-person for 15. The online wasn't anything like my online college courses - it was simply that the PDFs of the book chapters are online, and there were videos of one of the instructors pretty much reading the book to you more or less verbatim. For me, it was perfect because I was able to learn at my (fast) pace and not be held back by the pace of the classroom, although I certainly got no value from the videos.

That being said - my 15 hour experience was good. It was essentially 4 evenings of the accelerated in-person class. Once you feel you have learned the material, you simply sign up for the interactive portion. The instructor was great, throwing in tidbits about the industry not in the book and letting us know certain terms and paragraphs to skip. Other than the occasional person who asks too many questions or person who always references the 1 in a million situation, the in-person class was solid. If I had to do it again I'd probably do the in-person the whole way just because of the added bits from the instructor. Also, when you do the in-person, they give you the password to enter the online section as well.

Matthew Olszak, Real Estate Agent in IL (#471019601)

Thanks for the tips, @Matthew Olszak

I will not be in one place long enough to be in the 75hr class so I am going to go the estudy route. Was the reading able to be put on a Kindle?

Yup, sounds good. Thanks for all the information.

Hi @Jeff Mikos ,

@John Warren is right, the classwork is required.  I took an online class for the first 75 hours through Real Estate Express.  After getting through all the material I had to take a proctored exam to pass the course.  Then I took the 15 hour interactive course in order to sit for the exam.

Craig Wilcox, Real Estate Agent in IL (#475.164058)

Thank you, @Craig Wilcox

I will be making the purchase shortly. Appreciate all the help here.