Certified Investor Agent Specialist™ (CIAS) Designation

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Does anyone have their CIAS designation? I am wondering if anyone could provide me with some useful information.

I am interested in registering for the program and want to know if it's worth the money.


I have not heard of that certification until today. 

And I don't think any real estate certification beats networking and learning with investors from BiggerPockets.

Never heard of it, is that offered by the NRA? How about a link....

Just so happens, I was going through state and federal education laws. Offering degrees or certifications for a vocational or professional trade can only be done by an accredited course and school. Exceptions are classes for employees by a employer, a closed membership group not available to the public or religious training by a church. 

If you're looking at some company calling themselves a school and they are not accredited and they offer some certification to the public, they are probably a scam. Obtaining trade marks and corporate filings alone don't meet the requirements.

Awards or course completion certificates can be given by anyone holding a course, those are not considered degrees or professional/vocational certifications. :)     

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BTW, Welcome to BP! :)

It's given by NRA, and is two 7-8 hour days.  Will it make you an investment expert, no.  If you know nothing about investing now, will give you a basis to start with, yes.

Originally posted by @Wayne Brooks :

It's given by NRA, and is two 7-8 hour days.  Will it make you an investment expert, no.  If you know nothing about investing now, will give you a basis to start with, yes.

 Ahh, by the NRA, to closed membership, that's a certification! Won't have much horsepower for a 2 day course. CCRM might be better, but then it's much longer and will cost more.

Actually, I think you'd get more out of BP and networking locally with investors. :) 

@Wayne Brooks I don't see where this designation is accredited by NAR. Please provide link.

Thank you

Originally posted by @Steve Babiak :

@Bill Gulley and @Wayne Brooks - surely you meant to write NAR rather than NRA :)

 BANG! you got me, LOL!!! I tried to vote for ya, but I'm out of ammo today! :)

@Chuck Redman On crap, you're right.  Thanks for pointing that out---this course issNot givens b the Realtors Association, although they offer the co rise at th  local board facilities.   I was confusing this with one other1-2 day course given by the realtors association.  This designation is given by the same "institute" that came up with the CDPE for short sales.  They set up a hell of a marketing machine, so once short sales slowed down, they needed to put that machine to use, right? Assuming it follows the format of the CDPE, it will be more about how to market to investors, not analyze investment properties.  Yeah, you'd learn some basic terms,  and will help if your know nothing about investing at all.

@Thalina Garcia,

I am assuming you are a licensed agent looking to specialize in investment properties for your cilents. If this is the route you want to go in your career and want to build your credentials, I would probably get your broker license, then get the CCIM designation rather than CIAS. Although I don't believe a degree or designation is requirement to be successful as a broker, it does your show the clients you have made a commitment to this business. I plan to pursue my CCIM designation.

Real Estate Brokers: Credential Path
Sales License (level 1)
Broker License (level 2)
CCIM, MBA (level 3 -optional)

Financial Advisors :  Credential Path  
Series 6,7, & 65 (level 1)  
CFP (level 2),
CFA, MBA (level 3 - optional)  

Salary Comparison:
Median Income for a CCIM designee  $132,000
Median income for Harvard Business School : $135,000
Median Income for Stanford MBA : $130,000

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