Seeking: Experienced Real Estate Agent/Investor

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I'm seeking  an experienced Real Estate Agent/Investor who deals with rentals.

Can anyone give me recommendations with referrals?

I live in the Monroe County Michigan area.

Thanks for any help.


Robert, are you looking to purchase rentals in Macomb area?

Hey Lance,

Thanks for posting.  Currently my goal is to renovate my primary residence here in Monroe County, then sell or rent it (Preferably sell). 

I'm hoping to be able to get a couple recommendations for an experienced realtor to reach out to and possibly work with.  

My next goal would be to look at other areas for real estate opportunities; Macomb County would be included. 

Thanks -Bob

I have 15 years developing commercial, residential and multi family properties. I want to partner with as many people as possible. I am in Charlotte but I'm active in Charlotte, Atlanta and JAX, FL. I know how difficult it is getting started and trying to find some direction. I would like to expand to other markets and network. I would like to hear from those willing to network on some potential opportunities. I have several contacts from other wholesalers, investors and lenders. my contact info is on my profile. please be a part of my network. we are all here to grow and have bigger pockets.

Roel Lopez

@Roel Lopez I love those 3 cities you mentioned.  I'm expanding into Charlotte as I am aggressively growing here in Atlanta.  We should chat sometime! 

what are best areas for rental returns in Gerorgia GA

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