Questions about the Bend/Redmond, Oregon Market

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Looking for some assistance from a Agent or Property Manager in the Bend/Redomond area.  

I am an investor in Florida who will be eventually looking to move to the Bend/Redmond area and I have some questions about the market in the area.  My plan is to possibly purchase a property and rent it out to pay down the mortgage before we move in several or more years.  I am looking at the larger lots (5 or so acres) a little out from the cities central. I want to know if these higher end homes would rent and what would the market call for.  I am looking for a house with one of those awesome Cascade/Smith Rock views.  

Thanks in advance for any advice. 

Todd J.

@Todd Jackson   can't see smith rock from Bend area but you can see cascades and three sisters and many others.

Plethora of mini ranches in the area... at all price ranges thought they will be higher rents will top out though those that generally can afford high rents will buy.

Sisters is pretty .... I personally don't care for the sage brush areas... and think many parts of N. CA are much prettier... on an ascetic view point.

Its a big area though.. happy hunting...

Hi Jay,

Thanks for the reply.  To be honest, although I like the area, it wouldn't be my first choice... my wife's parents live there and she is very close with her family so... but, I do like it so, I think we will be happy there... state taxes not withstanding that will eat into my pension.  I'm a life long Florida guy.  We have some years before we get out there, so I would like to buy something to pay down while we are waiting. We are keeping the Vancouver, Wa area open as well, but likely it will be Bend... thanks again for the reply and good fishing.