Tips& Advice for 18 year old Agent

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Hello everyone, I am 18 years old and I am excited to become a real estate agent. I will begging taking classes next week and I just wanted to know tips about the whole business. I'm attending college and I am an accounting major. I was considering doing real estate part time while going to school as well.
-Do you recommend doing real estate part time?
-Please opinion on my age and let me know if it'll be more difficult for me or if it just simply isn't a factor.
-Anything I should know ahead of time?

Thanks for all the help!

Im also 18, from California. Im speaking from more of a investor point of view but i suggest you learn all you can get familiar with what you do, when people say you cant - know that you will, last but not least TELL EVERYONE what you do. Good luck :)

start as a buyer's agent and put your time in.    Anytime someone tells you they are an investor or looking to flip.   RUN AWAY, you aren't ready to weed through the ones that will waste your time and the ones that actually can make a decision then close.

find your local real estate investors group and become a member learn as much as you can and hang out and learn from the people whom are out there doing it find other realtors AND people  whom are also investors we learned alot from becoming volunteers at our real estate investing group Im an investor as a new realtor what do you have to offer me ? this is what will help you become the best realtor i would say yes to part time until you gain more experience  

just my 2 cents

 good luck to you feel free to ask me more questions 

Robin Gilles

Check out -

1. National REIA  (Real Estate Investors Association)   & look for a Chapter(s) near you & MeetUp RE Investors Group.

2. Web Sites - CashFlow Depot & BP

3. Attend RE Seminars- Notes, Options, Negotiations, Buy/Sell,Ect  

4. I would avoid any group that wants more than ~ $500/event. Some want you to spend $1,5,10K . Start Small & then decide. 

Good Luck, Mitch S. 

Your best bet is to find all the top producing agents in your area and tell them you're looking to get into real estate and was wondering if they need an assistant.

That way you get to the learn the business and make money while learning it.

Best way to get started.