Looking for investor-friendly realtors in Westchester, NY

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Hi all,

I'm looking for an investor-friendly realtor in Westchester to help me with my first purchase. Specifically, I'm looking to buy, flip, and sell, and the areas I'm most interested in are White Plains and New Rochelle. If there are other areas nearby that agents/realtors/members would recommend, I'd also be interested in hearing about those. Thank you all!

Also, this community is excellent.

Hi Scott, great to see you on here.  I am a NY realtor, happy to be of assistance.  Feel free to message me at your convenience.  Best of luck!

@Scott Schreiber thanks for starting this thread. I have an interest in properties in similar areas, but a different type of property. I would like to find a multi-family buy and hold, house hack ideally in Westchester County. 

@Maria Ruff who is your typical client? Are you a real estate investor as well as an agent? If so, want type of properties do you own? 

@Marc Knapp , I'm closing on my first investment property next week, a mixed-use in Yonkers. What areas of Westchester are you looking in primarily? In addition to Yonkers (which I think is about 10-15 years away from really exploding in value, but the signs are there now), I've had my eye on Peekskill, and Port Chester, which is closer to your neck of the woods. Taxes can make cash-flow difficult, but if you're willing to be adventurous and invest in low-income areas, there are deals to be found. @Account Closed has provided a guiding light in that regard, as his posts on investing in Newburgh have been informative, to say the least. 

I'm also a real estate attorney in NY, so if you have any legal questions, etc., don't hesitate to ask. 

Scott, congrats on the pending closing. How many units in your mixed-use property? Port Chester appeals to me as well. I am beginning to define my criteria, so I have not set one target area yet, but I will. Property taxes in certain parts of Westchester are indeed high. 

I will review the posts by John Hickey, thanks.       

Do you specialize in Real Estate transactions and closings or landlord tenant law?

I actually do both, though for the past year or so I've been focused mainly on transactional work. The first few years of my legal career were spent in litigation, including L and T work. That being said, we still get litigation somewhat regularly.

@Scott Schreiber thanks for the kind words. Love to see you up there sometime.

I’m no expert or guru on investing but I’ve made some good deals and I really think that newburgh is a place to be looked at if your looking for an emerging market.

Gentrification is obvious there at this point. The changes just in the last six months are significant. But when you look back a few years you see steady progress.

And while appreciation investing can be risky the numbers on rentals make sense anyways so the city to me is win-win.