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Hi everyone! My name is Julia and I live in Upstate NY. Recently, I've learned quite a bit about real estate investing. My boyfriend has been listening to the BP podcasts for a while and I found myself curious to learn about real estate as well! He just bought his first multifamily property and we are planning to house hack starting in September. We learned so much from BP and with my boyfriend going into RE investing, I decided (after doing my research of course) to become a Real Estate Agent. 

I'm now trying to figure out which online program can best prepare me for the licensing exam. And yes, I have thought about going to an actual class, and though it may be more conducive in terms of social interaction and discipline, I just love the flexibility that online classes offer.

I have been looking into Kaplan's online program. Has anyone taken courses from the Kaplan website, or from any other online program? If so, I would love to hear about your experience(s) and how it prepared you for becoming a real estate agent. 

Thank you!

check groupon for real estate license and you can get it done on the cheap ($80-100).  Then jump into the field with both feet.  I remember walking out of my sponsoring broker's office and saying 

"Now it's time to go out and get some pre-qualifications!"   

Be ready to put in some serious effort, but if you do, you'll most definitely be successful!!  

@Julia Kim I used Kaplan and I passed on the first attempt when a majority of the others I tested used local in person schools and failed.

I think it has less to do with the school, and more to do with how much a person studies. Most people think you can just walk in and pass because its multiple choice, but sadly that is not the case.

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My wife started online and never got through. Too many distractions. My son and I took a local class (8 days intensive) and we both had a great experience were we not only passed with flying colors but actually learned something. My daughter took a class years ago and it sucked for her. That RE school was bad. I am a huge advocate for online learning. Love, and but I probably would have been distracted way to much getting my license online. That stuff is dry as dust if you do it online by yourself. Just my own experience, for whatever it's worth.

Hi @Julia Kim ,

I used

Just like most it is drawn out to the state mandated 75 hours of instruction (Which is really about 20 hours of actual stuff they are required to draw out so the hours matter). I made a goal that I would finish it in one month without fail and held myself to it. I forced myself to do 2 hours a night and 4 hours on weekends minimum. It is dry, but I can't imagine the in person ones are any different. I've taken plenty of in person ones that were "required" for the board and Fair housing, continuing education etc and they are all similar. One advantage of the online ones is I can heckle the instructor the whole time and no one is looking at me funny.

I can also pause at will and get another beer without those same looks.....

Good Luck!!

Thank you everyone for your response! I am going to check out all of the options and see which one I go with. I do not expect these courses to be fun or exciting in anyway, so I'm not surprised that they are "dry as dust". But I am really excited to begin my education and to learn the in and outs of being an REA. Right now, I'm looking for a job as an unlicensed real estate assistant and I'm hoping someone will take me on to give me a glimpse of what it is like being an REA before I earn a license.