Need a sponsoring broker in Houston TX for property management

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Hello fellow agents, 

My current brokerage does not allow property management by their agents and I have an opportunity to jumpstart a business in PM with a friend who owns multiple rental properties.  Texas requires licensure since I will "control the acceptance or deposit of rent from a resident of a single-family residential real property unit".  Can anyone refer me to a brokerage that will sponsor and support an agent who performs PM as part of his services?  Thanks.


Most brokerages that offer management services will have a person or team that manages the rentals.  They dont just allow any of their agents to manage for others.  

But I too would be interested to hear if there are any that work as you describe.  Perhaps my understanding is outdated.

Hi @Kevin Tran ,

I am a Broker and own a Property Management company.  Because it is true that a lot of the Brokers do have their own management teams, it may be good for you to attend a NARPM meeting in Houston.  There are many property management companies that attend, which may be looking for a PM to become part of their team.  If their structure includes property managers to handle portions of their portfolio, you may be able to bring in your properties to manage under you.  My company works departmentalized, which means I have a department for collections, maintenance, leasing and so forth.  We manage about 300 properties, but we don't use property managers, we split the duties among the different teams.

I truly believe that your best way to start is to become a member of NARPM and you will gain all the knowledge you need to start running the right way.  Contact me for details and I will be glad to get you going.  The meetings are the 3rd Thursday of Every month.  I am currently a board member and can help you get going.  Let me know if you want more information on this.

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Thanks for the reply, Carlos.  I'm checking out many of the local PM company websites.  

@Elias Camhi , could you please forward me the meeting information for NARPM? I've been visiting their website in recent weeks, but haven't signed up yet.  Hope to see you there.

Hi @Kevin Tran ,  We will have a booth at the Galveston TAR convention this week, if you plan on being there.  The meeting this month will be at Willie G's on Post Oak on Thursday September 15th.  Generally we start at 11:00 AM.  If you want to go, you can come as a guest and it will be free.  We spend some time with the sponsor vendors and networking with the other PM and agents.  Then we have lunch (great food) and a speaker of the month discusses some aspect of Property Management.  Send me a private message with your email and I will forward you a registration link for the meeting once it goes out.