what are the options for getting a real estate license online?

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What are the options for getting a real estate license online? And what is needed to keep the license?

Realestate express is very poplar and an excellent service.Texas is tough .the state requires 180 hours pre ed and then 90 hours after you get your license,cost for course is $500 or so

The requirements vary per state. I have heard good things about career webschool and Kaplan but I haven't bitten the bullet to start them my self yet. Both sites will tell you what requirements you need to complete to get the license in your state

Your state will have a specific curriculum, with most online providers having a different course for each state. I used ProSchools for my Broker and Online Ed for my Principal Broker courses; very happy with both. Once you complete the online education you will have to complete the in person test, which will be setup through your states Real Estate Agency.

I used VanEd for mine, and they have a test-prep that is almost word for word the questions on the test. (I'm licensed in CO.) They do some other states, but not all 50.

I use allied and I really like it.  I am currently half way through the course.   I live on the island so check it check it out and see for yourself before you put down $500. 

Just as Steven Picker mentioned.  I did my 180 hours with RealEstateExpress, but there are groupon deals from time to time that bring the cost down significantly.  I think I paid $180-200 for the courses with Exam Prep feature.

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