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I am looking at getting my Real Estate Agent License. What schools does anyone recommend around the Denver area? Online or in-class? Any suggestions are much appreciated. 

Armbrust is an amazing in person class and if you join Keller Williams, they will reimburse your tuition! 

I was unaware of the tuition reimbursement and took an online class that was horrible. I have my CPA license and am comfortable taking tests, but the online class barely prepares me well enough to pass the exam. With quality education most anyone can pass!!

Hi Shane, welcome to BP. Check out Dora's website and they list thr schools and their pass rates. I went to American real estate school online and passed the exam the first time.  

If you want your license only to handle your own transactions it might not be worth it to get your License. There are many agencies out there that will give you a place to do your 2 years of mentoring before you can go out on your own.  

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@Shane Baum

I took the CO brokers exam in April.

Whatever you do, DO NOT use Real Estate Express (McKissock Company) online website. The teaching and content is horrible. Before taking it, I already had my California salesperson license.

I could not understand or pass their Contracts course. It, along with the other courses, are horribly written. I would re-read the same page a few times and have no clue what I just read. I failed their internal exam 7 (yes 7) times trying to pass the course. That's never happened to me - I'm the exact opposite and am a great test taker. 

I ended up switching to Van Ed and really liked them. Their online course took me two weeks to complete. The online content is solid and their exam prep is great. I passed the CO broker exam with a 93%.

I think the best school for you depends on your learning style. I used Macintosh Real Estate School and liked it. I absorb written material far better than I do video/audio and they had the option of actual physical books (imagine that, lol!) to study combined with  online quizzes and tests.

@Phillip Bicker Thank you for the recommendation of Armbrust. I will definitely research it. 

@Kevin Grinstead I was looking at an online course due to my hectic work schedule. I'm currently in sales and have to leave for weeks at a time so in class options may be hard to schedule around but can be done. I appreciate your insight. My main reason is to get the education from the agent perspective and possibly a career option. 

@Chris Lopez Thank you for the warning. Doing all the research on where to take the classes can be overwhelming and over sold. I appreciate the honesty as that is what I'm after. 

@Jean Bolger I have been looking into Macintosh as well. Do you feel that they prepared you well enough? Some reviews have been less than par. I usually do better with videos and physical books if it's anything like the college courses I took online. 

Here is a second opinion saying - stay away from real estate express. I was able to pass DISPITE using them, but not without significant outside help. I mentioned earlier, but I passed all 4 sections of my CPA exam first time, but really did struggle with the RE exam due to horrible classes. Please don't use real estate express. 

@Phillip Bicker Glad to know it wasn't me just losing my mind!

@Shane Baum - Van Ed has a 7 day free trial that allows you to access the content, but not take any of their quizzes. Their exam prep was great - it seemed like half of the exam questions were almost word-for-word identical. Also, I called and asked for a discount. They gave me one! Can't remember how much, but it's money saved. 

@Shane Baum I passed with no problem so I guess they prepared me well enough. I actually found it quite interesting. I also like that I have the books still so I can go look up something if I ever have to refresh myself on some obscure subject like dower estates or littoral rights :)

@Shane Baum , I went through VanEd. @Chris Lopez   gives a great point, the VanEd coursework includes a test prep course for free and I would say 90% of the state exam questions were word for word in their prep course. 

I didn't go through the 7-day trial, I just plowed through it. I was a stay at home mom at the time with very little ones, so it was nights and weekends for me. Even so, I never waited more than 2 days for a question to be answered via email. 

My only beef with them is that their literature has WAY more typos than it should. As a former proofreader, this was hard to get through, but you may not feel the same way. The Test Prep course is worth its weight in gold.

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