how do you search 2 to 4 units in Florida?

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I currently live in California as its quite easy to build a data base of anything. I use Prospect Now and can search every 2 to 4 unit in any city and who the owner is. Now when trying the same thing in Florida totally different. Apparently when things record they do not keep track of number of units in the 2 to 4 range. How would I be able to find all the owner information on say every 2 to 4 unit in Fort Lauderdale as an example?

Ron, you could use a site like list source and try and see if they can narrow down the list for you to owners of multi-families or you could subscribe to something like costar (owners of and they have access to all the records and you can search by property size and price. Lastly you could always get in touch with a local agent and have them set up the search for you and have them send you active inventory/closed/expireds listings that meet the criteria you are looking for. Hope that helps.