Good Real Estate Jobs To Build Capital

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Hi BP,

I am an aspiring investor but am going to have issues building capital for my first deal. I want to know if there are good ways to make money in real estate so I can fund my first investment; particularly being a part time agent during evenings after my first career or on weekends (mostly on weekends). What are the steps to become an agent? I figure I have the class but after I join a brokerage how long and difficult is it to get up and started? My friend who isn't an agent says that I will be sitting in houses the first few months just trying to get clients and maybe the agent whose house I'm sitting MIGHT be cool and kickback a few bucks for my turmoil.

Is Birddogging a good alternative as well?

Being an agent is a good way to make some money but it takes a lot more work than you may think and takes a lot of time. It might be even better to get a legit job where you are guaranteed a paycheck instead of working as an agent and not making money for the first 6-12 months. 

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@Antoine Martel

I think agent would be more difficult in the long run but Id end up doing it for 4 years or more. Do you think its worth it in that case?

@Bram Klein

That sounds interesting. I can give you a call tomorrow at 2pm on my way to Sacramento. 

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