RE Agents...What CRM do you use?

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I'm a realtor looking for at CRM options. What are you using? What do you recommend?

commissions Inc 

Buffini Referral Maker CRM If you are going to concentrate on your sphere of influence.

@Maria D. I evaluated everything on the market and ended up with Agent Marketing.  I felt that it was the best value for the cost.


@Joshua Standing Cloud is eEdge only available to KW agents? Is there a fee for KW agents? I'm considering changing to KW, but it was never mentioned to me when I had my meeting in the office. 

Sadly I dont use one at all.  A few deals have fallen through the cracks and I'm sure ther ear more that I dont even remember.  I try my best and keep very busy through referrals. 

@Charlie MacPherson

Thanks for your reply. I looked at agent marketing a bit last night and it looks amazing. Do you use the $59/mo plan? How has it helped you with leads?

@Maria D. I provide it for my agents, so I'm paying a little more.  

I can't point to an actual ROI, but I know I do get calls from their custom single-property websites and their "Text #### to #### for Instant Information".

I know I'm not using it to its fullest, but I do like it.

Moxi Engage

@Maria D.   I'm an agent at KW and I'm 99% sure that eEdge is exclusively only for KW agents.  The eEdge platform is mandatory and therefore is included in my monthly office dues.  I can't say how good or bad the system actually is because it's the only CRM I've used and because I'm a newer agent.   I will say many of the agents at my office seem to really like it though.   

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