RE Agents...What CRM do you use?

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@Account Closed is eEdge only available to KW agents? Is there a fee for KW agents? I'm considering changing to KW, but it was never mentioned to me when I had my meeting in the office. 

@Maria D. I provide it for my agents, so I'm paying a little more.  

I can't point to an actual ROI, but I know I do get calls from their custom single-property websites and their "Text #### to #### for Instant Information".

I know I'm not using it to its fullest, but I do like it.

@Maria D.  I'm an agent at KW and I'm 99% sure that eEdge is exclusively only for KW agents.  The eEdge platform is mandatory and therefore is included in my monthly office dues.  I can't say how good or bad the system actually is because it's the only CRM I've used and because I'm a newer agent.   I will say many of the agents at my office seem to really like it though.