New York State Salesperson License Exam Prep

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I'm just about to finish my 75 hour course for the real estate salesperson license in New York. I haven't scheduled the course exam or the state exam just yet. I did the course online through RealEstateU and will be signing up for the course exam soon.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice for study materials/practice exams etc. Has anyone used the RealEstateU Easy Pass they offer for like $50? If you've passed all exam portions while progressing through the course, is it even necessary to pay for an additional study guide? 

Any advice is welcomed!

Hi @Daniel King ,

I used the same course a few years ago. I had no problem passing the test. I did pick up the extra $50 guide at the end but found it kind of MEH... So not sure it helped a whole lot (If I recall it was like 2 pages of random things that may or may not have been on the test). If you passed all of the tests going through and knew why, you should be OK.

Good Luck!

I'm also taking the same class @Daniel King . Would love to hear others thoughts on the post study guides. thx!

Hi @Daniel King

Both exams are very easy, and you can take them multiple times.  I would not waste the $50.  Just go back over the course work, and chapter tests(if they had them), and you should do fine.

Best of luck!

@Joshua Tobin

I took the course exam a week or so ago and it was pretty easy. I would recommend to just re-take a few of the quizzes the closed out each chapter to brush up. Many of the questions are taken directly from those quizzes. 

@Scott Wolf

Thanks for the advice. Assuming the state exam is very similar to the course exam there’s no need to buy a study guide. 

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