Investor friendly real estate agent in Memphis

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I am looking to make some purchases in Memphis for long term hold. Are there any investor friendly agents out there that I can sync up with or any recommendations from my fellow investors? Thanks all!

@Nathan Mellor there are plenty in Memphis as our market has a lot of real estate sales to investors. If I were wanting to work with an Realtor to find investment properties, I would want to make sure they have 1 of 2 qualities.  Either they own properties and if they don't, they absolutely must be aligned with an property manager.  The reason why this is so important because they will truly understand the rental market and have resources to maintenance individuals. I see a lot of Realtors in the market right now who are marketing to investors because it is an opportunity, but most of these agents have no real experience in this space.

@Dean Harris @Tina Sandoval are both with Crestcore owned by @Douglas Skipworth . I am trying to tag James Martin, but it is not coming up.  He is with JK Homes. If you are going with the investor friendly agent, I see no reason to go with anyone but these individuals. 

Great! I am already in contact with Crestcore. Thanks for the recommendation. 

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