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Hi All, I am taking the Oregon state exam next week! Been doing some research on brokerages to hang my license. Does anyone have recommendations of a great brokerage to join in the Salem Oregon area? I am a highly motivated guy and I'd like to be around like-minded high producers. Thanks!

I am nowhere near you, and yet I have a recommendation: It’s not about finding a person, it’s about finding a compatible team.

Visit ALL the REIAs in your vicinity for at least 3 months to build rapport with Agents who are engaging, investor friendly, and who are willing to show you the general terms of their employment. Don’t tell them you’re interviewing them, but that’s what you’re doing.

Once you can determine who you want to work with most and (more importantly WHY), then you make your move.

Agents are always looking for agents. This method puts the process on your terms and conditions.

Hope that helps.

Probably Keller Williams because of better training program and there are more new realtors to work together,  The smaller brokerages may have better split but you will be a burden to experienced agents not getting attention needed.

@Sam Shueh is right that it may be harder to find help in a small brokerage. However, it can be done if you are diligent in  your search. The key is finding someone that can mentor you and offering them something of value in return.

Visit your local investment groups or ask a ton of agents for recommendations of an agent that deals with investments. Then take that agent to lunch. Find out what they need and offer to help them. Start out working for them for free (you won't be doing anything else, anyway). If you can prove to be of value, they should eventually let you start taking on more responsibility in exchange for a share of their commission. Work hard and you'll be on your way!

A brokerage like Keller-Williams has great training opportunities but you're more likely to be on your own.

@Brian Joseph , Congratulations on completing the course! 

Look into Century 21. I am not familiar with anyone in your area, however, what you want to know is that Century 21 works with a lot of newer brokers, they have an amazing training and gives a lot of leads, which for someone new is great!

Good luck to you!

I always recommend to new agents to start working for a top producing agent as a licensed assistant before going at it on your own!

This way you get to learn the business and get paid while doing it.  So, then you won't have to worry about which brokerage to work for.  Just find all the top agents in your area and start contacting them.

Actually, Keller Williams will not only be a good resource for training, but also for the community among agents that you are looking for.  The suggestions from others that you need to take them to lunch and shmooze agents before they will help or give you the time of day is really not applicable at KW.  The reason why is very strategic.  KW has a built in profit share model.  So, it is to EVERYONE's benefit in the office to help each other, because when everyone succeeds, the office succeeds, and when the office profits, it is shared among the agents.  It's the kind of synergy that makes KW great, and has yet to be duplicated.

I have been with KW for over 20 years, so I may sound a little biased.  However, if you decide that you want to explore Keller Williams in Salem, just PM me, and would be happy to make arrangements for you to sit down with leadership at our Salem office on Hines street.  You would be able to discuss opportunities that exist for you as an individual agent, or even any team opportunities that exist at the office.  At the very least, it will give you a basis for which to compare other opportunities you are considering.  

Let me know if I can be of help to you @Brian Joseph

Great info. Thanks everyone! Have a couple meetings set up. we'll see how it goes

Has anyone worked for Home Smart? I am curious to hear your opinions. 


Good luck on your exam! I just passed mine a few weeks ago. I was in the same position as you a few weeks ago with looking for a good brokerage to affiliate with and I interviewed with multiple firms over the last few weeks. I finally made the decision to affiliate with eXp realty, I had never heard of them until i was referred by a friend but you HAVE to check them out. They operate as a cloud-based brokerage and pretty much handle everything online. They also have this awesome revenue sharing perk that allows you to make a lot of extra passive income. They have some great videos on youtube that explain more about what they do. If you want to learn more or know more about eXp let me know and I can get you in touch with eXp's managing broker in the state of Oregon! Focus on the exam coming up and crush it!

I agree that Keller Williams is the best for new agents. They offer a ton of training and I am sure that will reflect in getting sales sooner than other brokerages. I interviewed with 15+ brokerages up in Portland and finally landed at Keller Williams Realty Portland Central. 

I strongly suggest that you interview as many as possible. Don't worry too much about the commission split right off the bat. Look at the value that each brokerage brings to the table. 

I agree Keller Williams would be a good starting point.  I started with them and they have great training and also a mentor program.  I am now with a transaction fee only broker which suits my needs at this time, since I've been licensed for quite a while.  Good luck.

I agree to interview as many brokers as you can, but also speak to agents in that brokerage that have been there for a year or less. Ask them what kind of training and support they actually receive. 

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