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Hey! I just passed my license exam, and was wondering how to go about picking a broker, i emailed about 8 potential brokers yesterday, and left my phone number in the email, however i only have gotten a response from one of them. 

Do you recommend that I just call all the brokers directly from the phone number on their website in order to find out information about them, or should i just wait for them to respond via email or via calling me?


Never wait on anyone ! Attack attack attack !! I would walk into the brokerages offices around town and introduce myself and see where I feel I would be a fit. Brokers get hundreds of emails a day so they can very easily miss yours. Hope this helps

awesome! appeciate the feedback, i was curious as to whether they'd have the time to talk or the person that was needed to talk to was even there if i just randomly walked in at certain times. but ill probably just give that a shot! thanks

If you just passed the exam....your phone number and email are about to go out to every brokerage in the area, and they will all be calling you pretty soon.

@Russell Brazil interesting i didn't know that. How long would you estimate it takes for them to receive your information?

Originally posted by @Dillon Dull :

@Russell Brazil interesting i didn't know that. How long would you estimate it takes for them to receive your information?

Probably under 30 days. I think the testing centers sends out the info monthly to the brokers

Hi @Dillon Dull make sure you call the local Keller Williams office, ask for the team leader and make an appointment. I have compared a lot of brokers and find KW second to none. Best training, best business model, best income model, best technology and best culture - I realize that sounds over the top, but guess who is growing the fastest, has been voted #1 workplace by Forbes and is since last year the largest brokerage in the US? PM me if you have questions! 

Hi @Dillon Dull ,


Give them a call and setup some appointments. Go in and meet with a few and see where you fit in the best. I would expect appointments scheduled for the next week or so. If someone can get you right in today, I would be a little concerned (they are playing the numbers, get X agents, Y fail to ever sell a house, Z sell 4 houses in the first year, Q becomes a rockstar). It is as much about the people you are working with as it is the company. In my opinion starting out it is more about the support you are given than the splits. You need someone to get you in the right mindset for generating business and selling. 

I would bet that @Russell Brazil and @Marcus Auerbach will both back me up on this next point: What you think you know about lead generation when you pass the class (or as a non agent) and what you know about it a year later are completely different. Most agents wash out in the first 2 years because they do not know how to get leads. They believe that the company is going to give them leads and they are going to open a door and then write a contract and cash a check. It just does not happen that way, your job is to bring business in. You have to go out and get it. That mindset is very hard for new people to get, nobody comes knocking on your door asking you to sell them something.

Be careful of people who tell you "I have so much business you will be busy all year working the leads I give you". That is code for "I have a bunch of washed out Zillow leads for 6K mobile homes from unqualified borrowers that you can spend all day showing and then give me a referral on".

Good Luck and you got this!

@Mike Cumbie Absolutely agree.  In fact I think much of the wash out rate in the profession is those who were expecting their brokerage to provide leads.  Those people simply fail at this business.

@Marcus Auerbach awesome thanks for the input, i have an interview with them tomorrow to see how they operate and everything

@Dillon Dull If you are considering Keller Williams (which you should be), the West Richmond office is located at 6806 Paragon Place Suite #300 Richmond, VA 23230. The best contact there is Benji Tull. If you want me to make an introduction, or have Benji contact you to set up a meeting, just let me know and I will make it happen.

KW LOVES new talent, and has the best training in the business for new agents (and seasoned agents, for that matter).  I may be biased a little bit.  I have been with KW for 20+ years.  Love it.

Let me know if I can help.

Hi @Dillon Dull ,

Since you're licensed through the state, your license info is public information that you'll be bombarded with interviews. I met with a total of 5 brokers, 4 were national brands. 

Real estate brokerages don't interview you, you interview them. They always say, we have the best this and that and we can do all this for you, and essentially promise you the moon. I'm not denying they do provide great training and have great everything, but they also take anyone with a heartbeat (who knows you're cut out for this job, because they won't tell you). I started asking some friends who are lenders who they recommended. They pointed me in the right direction, and made the introduction. I had a 2 hour interview, where he asked the tough questions, because this is a very tough job. So he had to make sure that I was cut out for the job before dedicating time to train me. 

I also recommend joining a team, because they have structure and teach you habits that it take to be successful. You'll have a smaller split, but will make it up in volume. 

Good luck!

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