Brokerage Recommendation For Starting Agents

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Hi BP,

I get mt license in June but I am interviewing brokerages now. I am looking for the best training program in Northern California. 

I really appreciate help on this.

@Cody Evans this is a highly subjective question, and I am personally biased against brokers who offer too much "training".  Are you going to be working with investors? My main focus is on my investor clients here in the Chicago southwest suburbs, and I have found that most broker owners don't know much about investing. It took me a while to find my current brokerage where I had a broker owner who loves and understands investing. 

If you do want to go the more "traditional" route, you may consider finding training outside your brokerage. Some programs may cost a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, but you could get more focused training than you will get in a brokerage. 

Lastly, why not just read a bunch of great books on the topic. There is so much free information out there now days. I personally benefited greatly from Mark Ferguson's books. He is a BP guy and has books that are pretty inexpensive and full of actionable content. 

Hey Cody,  Congratulations on getting your license and  passing the test! All I got to say is I went with Keller Williams because of their training programs available. It’s working great for me, I’ve got business going with sellers and buyers quickly, I got my license on January 2 have the support of the whole Market Center.  If you are in ambitious well organized person I would say be an independent agent and start your own team with Keller Williams as your broker. If you are new to real estate and wants someone to do a lot of the other work join a team but it will cost you a percentage of your commissions. Overall Keller Williams gave me the best opportunity for my long-term financial goals sometimes you just need to look at the big picture. Most important factor to me is that Keller Williams is the biggest company in real estate. We have the highest number of agents, we have the most real estate sold, we have the largest sales volume, of any real estate company. It’s not bragging if it’s true. I’m sure wherever you go you’re fine it will be a great journey through real estate. If you would like me to get you in touch with the team leader up in California I know the right people they will give you all the answers. The best way for you to find out where you should go is to just to go talk with people, especially the agents  not just the brokers, brokers are trying to recruit you. Agents will give you a better reality of what it’s like working there. 

My concern with book is I dont want to get ahold of a bad one and train myself wrong and end up in a bad situation.


That would be great. What exactly is a team and what are the benefits?