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Hello everybody ! I’m a new realtor and look forward to working with you and everybody on this page . I would like to start apartment locating since I’m already a leasing agent for an apartment complex . What advice would you give me to start apartment locating ?

Thank you!

@Christian Garcia . Welcome to BP. Get out and visit many of the Apartments, meet the Onsite Agents & Managers. Make a list of Addresses & Phone numbers so you can respond timely when you prospects. 

Uppermost - focus on the Client - find out what they want and then help them find it!

To be successful you need a steady stream of clients - once you connect with someone - keep in contact - become their REALTOR For Life!

Good Luck!


Most importantly, learn your market

Find out what properties are paying 100-200% leasing fees

Find out what properties pay for "sends" meaning you do not have to be there with them.  How many more people can you send versus having to be there

Keep a list of the niche properties- The ones that take broken leases, pitbulls and felonies.  These are the types of clients that many agents dismiss but......they are the easiest to serve and there options are going to be very narrow.  Would you rather show 10 properties or 2 before your client makes a decision ?

Be as nice as can be to the onsite managers.  They are the ones who can get you paid quicker and don't "lose" your registration cards

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