Realtors in Lubbock TX for long-distance investors

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We live in Denver, CO but are looking to invest in properties in the Lubbock area. Investments are more affordable in Lubbock and my spouse is originally from the area and graduated from TTU. We have been pre-approved by a local bank for funding but are currently searching for a realtor experienced with out of state investors. We would potentially be purchasing 2 properties within the next six months and plan to visit the area in the next few weeks to see a few. Recommendations welcome!

Hi Matthew! I cannot day enough good things about Judi Fillingim at KW here in Lubbock. I’ve purchased three homes (including our personal home) from her. She’s also one I’ve sent to check out a house to tell me if it’s worth it for me to look into. Hope this helps!

Hey Matthew, I'm a realtor in Lubbock and can provide plenty of help to out of state investors. My primary career is in commercial banking which gives me a unique perspective on the finance and closing side of this market. Feel free to private message me if I could be of any help.

@Matthew Orr You should get with Garrott Nalle. He's being modest...he's got financial expertise, AND he is a pretty dang good investor himself. So he will lead you down the right path.

Smart move to invest in Lubbock. Denver is a crazy market right now. Let me/us know if you need help with contractors or projects, once you get to that point!

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