Any options to hold CA RE agent license & not pay dues/fees

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Hi Folks

I got my CA real estate agent license a couple of years ago & currently hang my license with a local broker. Going forward, I don't intend on being an active agent buying & selling homes, so my question is, short of giving up my license, is there any option to not pay all the quarterly board dues & broker office fees, E&O, etc., but keep the license in some "reduced" status, so I can still possibly reap the benefits of the real estate professional status for real estate investing. Thanks for any & all input

@Mano Chidambaram

There is a reduced status called a referral agent. You hang your license and don't pay fees, but you can't conduct any transactions with the license. You'll only be able to get paid a referral fee if you referral bring business to the office.

Outside of the referral fees, you wouldn't be able to use the license in any capacity.

@Mano Chidambaram , this is one that I heard some people mention in CA. It doesn't look like they have any monthly or ongoing fees...just if you do a transaction.  

But I'm guessing there would still be board dues, unless you do something like Christopher suggested. 

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