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Hey everyone, was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a new investor wanting to do house hacking out in Washington State for a real estate agent. Wanting to start on this before the year is up.

Washington State is a pretty big place did you have a particular place within Washington in mind?  

Originally posted by @Tony Wooldridge :

Washington State is a pretty big place did you have a particular place within Washington in mind?  

 No joke.

The rainy West may as well be a different country from our dry and sunny central and east where you and I are, Tony.

@Steve Vaughan , for sure! Our side of the state most definitely would feel/look like home to a guy from Mesa, Arizona!  

Sorry I should have been a bit more specific it's been a busy week at work with new projects, and a grand opening. I am currently looking in the greater Seattle area. @Timothy Tooker I will be sure to reach out to you tomorrow during some reasonable hour.

Howdy Benito,

I lived in Seattle for about 10 years, and have a lot of connections in the real estate industry there. There are a few excellent references that come to mind with what you are looking for, that I’d love to introduce you too, all centered in Seattle and the Eastside. Let’s definitely connect!

Hey @Benito Sifuentes

Send me a message or shoot me a call and I can help. I work with a lot of new investors and would be happy to lend a hand.

There is quite a range of inventory in the "greater" area. It's pretty tough to find cash flow in King County, but go north or south and you can still find a decent mix of cash flow/appreciation. Feel free to reach out if you want another take on the local market. 

@Benito Sifuentes

I am a commercial broker based out of Tacoma. if you're looking for SFR, I am not your guy but @Andrew D. West is... If you want something larger, let me know I will be happy to help!

@Benito Sifuentes

I'm a real estate broker in Tacoma, WA. This market is on fire, and has been a challenge for investors to find good deals that still make sense. I have a pulse on my area, and the surrounding areas, which allows me and my team to find those cash flow deals for our investors. If you have any questions, please feel free to contract me, I would love to help you out. 

hi @Benito Sifuentes ! If you find yourself looking in the Pierce county (Tacoma) area I’d be happy to help. I’ve house hacked myself...I’m an investor and realtor and would love to connect! 

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