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Ladies and gents, I am currently grinding out the required hours of education with the somewhat overly optimistic goal of being at least ready to test by the end of my college semester so I can dedicate all of my time to being an agent. Just looking for any tips from some of you saltier agents out there on ways I can prepare for my new career and ease the transition a bit. I do already have a brokerage that I'm fairly certain I want to work for, but any other tips would be highly appreciated. Thanks

Hey Stephen,

Congrats on moving closer to getting licensed!

The first tip would be to expect to go about 6 months without getting paid! Transactions take time to go from listing/buyer agreement to closing. 6 months may seem like a long time but if you're educating yourself on the business while working on lead generation/conversion you'll be in better shape than most people starting off.

Another tip would be to consider joining a team. The main benefit of this is that you'll have a team leader sending you leads and (if they're a good team leader) teaching you how to convert.

Lastly... once you're settled in at your brokerage, make sure to tell EVERYONE you know that you are Licensed Realtor!... Most of an agent's business comes from referrals and what better/easier way to start your career than to have someone who already knows/trusts you as a client?

Best of luck to you!


I see a lot of newer agents if they don't have a warm market or sphere to tap into.. they will get on a big producers team.. this can jump start you.

out our way agencies have lead creation systems and will literally hand you web leads for listings or sales.

My wife had taken a few year hiatus and to kind of jump start ( her normal business is referrals) but she wanted to work some leads and get going and it worked very well she made many sales and got a few listing which in this market is simply money in the bank. 

find your niche.. and remember 95% of agents all try the same thing.. you may want to specialize.. and commerical agents though dog tough to start if you make it.. its a really good business once your established.

@Stephen Spradley

Awesome you are becoming an agent! 

That's great you have a brokerage in mind as well you want to work for. 

I think its essential to time block, and prioritize your day . 

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