Realtors- What title do you put on your business cards?

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I recently starting pursuing business as a realtor again and I want to target investors as clients. I'm about to order new business cards and I'm stuck on what title to give myself. I thought about using "Investment property expert" or "Investor friendly realtor" or something along those lines. I want to sound professional, but not too cocky. Any suggestions?

I would go with the word Specialist, unless you truly are an expert and are going to be a rock star consultant for your clients. Specialist to me sounds like you know where to find the answers and will guide investors the right way. Expert sounds like you have all the answers and will tell the investors what to do.

Hope that makes sense! Good luck!

Terms like specialist and expert imply additional training, certifications, designations, and/or many years of focused experience. If you're comfortable implying that, go for it!

+1 what was said about email and website. DO get your own domain with associated email and use those fo-evah if you don't already do so. 

Associate Broker is my title

REALTOR is my affiliation

GRI is a designation (earned today the right to start using it!)

and where I finally mention investors? my Tagline (associated with a hunting dog logo): "Hunting, Pointing, and Retrieving Properties for Homeowners and Investors" which will be able to stick with me from newbie status (now) to expert status (future)

Thanks for the advice, everyone! I decided to go with “Investment Property Specialist.”