Need A Realtor In Dallas For Investments

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Hello BP Members,

If there are any realtors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that specialize in investment property (rental income, wholesale and flips/renovations), please reach out to me.

I could use some help!


A great Realtor and/or Broker is priceless.  

I always preach to talk to two a week in your market.  

Here is the reason.  

Let’s assume that you have two cash buyer offers which are exactly the same and both are represented by different agents     

Let’s assume one agent always returned your calls and was spoken highly by their peers and the other was a slug   

How would you know which offer to accept without talking a lot of agents   

Hey @Guac F.! If you are looking for investment properties in Dallas and/or Collin County, I am with a team that specializes in distressed SFR. My team currently sells about 70 investment properties each month. The majority of our properties are off-market, though we do get some properties from the MLS if it makes sense for our investors:) If you are looking for properties to fix and flip or properties to buy and hold, I can surely help you find either! Please check out my profile and shoot me a message if you'd like to hear more!