Searching for a Principal Broker in Portland, OR area

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Hi All,

I'm in the Beaverton, area and have been sending out direct mail the past few months. I've been searching for deals to either a) wholesale b) rehab with a partner or c) acquire as a rental if seller financing is available. My ultimate goal is to acquire rental properties so that is what I seek to do first.
While I've had a few properties under contract I haven't closed any deals yet. To no surprise a lot of the people who respond to me are seeking retail prices. After about the fifth one I got to the point where I realized I'm just watching opportunity pass me by by not having my real estate license... so I decided to create another exit strategy and get my real estate license (I'm taking the test this Friday 6/22/18). Which brings me to the point of this post; do you know any principal brokers in the greater Portland area that support brokers doing what I'm doing? I've called a few and a lot of them aren't interested in "wholesalers" as they've put it. If you do know of any please let me know.
Thank you Chace 

Hi Chace,

My team and I specialize in investment properties. We work with several flippers in the area.  I'd love to talk more about what you are currently doing in the Beaverton area. Thanks!



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