Puerto Rico R.E. recommendations

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@Frankie Woods , hello Frankie, let me reach out to a couple of my Colleagues to see what I can fInd out. Ive been interested In thIs area of real estate for some tIme. Also, I’ve inquired of an international real estate license and waiting to hear back. I’ll keep you posted

we live in the states. my brother and I inherited land out there so were either thinking of selling, splitting or maybe building. we have 2 properties 1 with a house close to san sebastian and the other in sector boys scout it's really good to farm I just need advice on what I should do . I was renting the house it's really hard unless you know people to maintain your land/ house 

@Frankie Woods Hi All, I'm here on the island now to celebrate my birthday.  My parents have lived in the San Juan suburbs for about 15 years, so over my frequent visits, I have some insight on neighborhoods to consider for rentals or vacation homes.  It really comes down to what you prefer.  I'm also looking to invest here and trying to get a better feel for how to do deals on the island. For close proximity to San Juan and the tourist mainstays: casino, beaches and other entertainment the Condado area is ideal for a condo, multifamily or apartment but limited on the deals at the moment.   As is anywhere, if you don't prefer apartment living and want more space going out to burbs like Guaynabo puts you about 15-20 minutes drive to the heart of everything, plus I'm seeing more opportunity in the suburbs just not sure how marketable to tourist.   Other great beach locals to consider are: Dorado, Aguadilla, Isabella and Rincon. So far a lot of the opportunities I see here on the island will require fixing so 203k, USDA or Homestyle Reno options may be ideal going in.  As for the rental market, Guaynabo is close to FT. Buchanan, a US military installation so it would widen the rental options to military personnel, tourist, and locals.  @Nerissa Rivera most realtors I've encountered here speak English (especially those on LinkedIn).  You'll find plenty of agent and property leads on classificadosonline.com or classificadospr.com to learn about listings or to find an agent to speak with.  Listings are typically there instead of the mainstays like: realtor.com or zillow.com.  I hope this helps. Let me know how you fare.

Hi @Nerissa Rivera..Im a local mortgage banker here in PR and I live in Camuy. A great real estate company for the area is Universal Properties, https://www.universalpropertiespr.com

The owner's name is Miguel Ortiz (English is no issue) and the office is in Hatillo. He is i feel one of the premier reo agents on the island and would be an excellent resource for the areas you are looking for help in!!