Best investor friendly brokerages to work for as a new agent

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Hello fellow agents and BP family, So I’m about to take my real estate exam some time within the next couple of weeks so I can start my journey as a real estate agent. I am currently seeking advise on which brokerages to join as a new agent I live in New Hampshire but also plan on getting my Massachusetts license as well My goals as a real estate agent is to gain more knowledge on investing, wholesaling and flipping homes as my long term goal is to own a few properties and manage and hold for steady income as an exit strategy I will have to start part time, with 8+ hours dedicated on weekends and some hours weekdays until I transition full time, primarily because I have a full time job which needs to continue until i generate sufficient income to cover my living and family expenses Please let me know any brokerages you guys suggest and any advice you can give me on starting out as an agent Thank you!

@Tashinga Musekiwa   I started a similar way and I feel I made the right choice with where I landed (eXp).  I own several cash flow rentals and looking to expand so I spend about 50% of my time on RE investing (revenue stream #1) and the other 50% on building a network for RE sales (revenue stream #2).  They are a cloud based firm so they can afford to offer an aggressive split, low fees, and a commission cap.    

As an investor who is likely building their own network and wont need to rely on a brick & mortar shop I would try to find a firm with a similar asset light model that give the most possible back to the agent.

Hope this helps!

Hi Tashinga,

It is NOT easy to be an agent part-time, so prepare yourself to really prioritize your time and be super-efficient with your activities. You may want to start out on a team mainly because you'll get leads and have admin support, so that will ease your burden when trying to include a job. This of course means a smaller split initially, but worth weighing up the pros and cons as you embark upon this venture.

I specifically joined Keller Williams because they have a very entrpreneurial culture, are investor-friendly and you're able to have your own brand/don't need to be in the office, especially if you have other gigs to deal with. Profit share is nice, too, because it helps to fill the voids between closings. I want my RE biz to be a blend of residual income with the bigger one-off commission chunks, so there's less of the feed and famine scenario! I'm happy to fill you in how it's worked out for me as an investor if you like, so feel free to connect on BP and we can continue the conversation offline......

All the best on your foray into real estate!

Richard :) 

Hi Tashinga,

  I agree with Richard, having a team helps especially when you're a newbie. I work at an investor friendly company and they'll teach you as well. I wish you well

@Tashinga Musekiwa I'm in a similar situation, as I just got my real estate license last month. I was torn between joining eXp and Keller Williams, but I ended up choosing KW because of the name recognition in my local area and their training. 

I'm planning to switch to eXp at some point because of the better commission split and revenue generating opportunities. I also HATE going to a physical office to go to in-person training at my KW office because it disrupts the flow of my day and derails my efficiency. eXp has all the training online, which is ultra-convenient.

I enjoy eXp as a more experienced agent. There is a mentor program at eXp for newer agents, but I can't personally speak to it as I haven't gone through it. Your mentor coaches you and provides support through your first five transactions. There are some other stipulations as well, such as attending training sessions (in eXp World).