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Hey @Tavares Melton - That's a reallly huge question with too many answers. In order for BP to be helpful, you need to narrow down your ask a bit more so people can be helpful based on their specific expertise. What type of REI are you interested in getting into? What are your goals?

I would start with some of the educational material here on BP in order to get answers to those questions and the many others you will encounter! When you have more specific things to ask the community we'll be able to be more helpful!

@Tavares Melton Find some wholesalers and get on their mailing list so you can start analyzing deals. Your financial situation will often determine what financing situations will be available to you. Start by looking for hard money lenders and talk to smaller banks and credit unions.

Thank you very much, but i've been studying the (field) since 2007. But there aren't if little outlet's to this department in real estate. I've seen alot of companies who put together packet's to start up a work-at-home kit, i could find the notes, but i don't know where or who to go to , to get them cashed out for a would- be client. That is my main focus referring notes for a fee. 

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thanks dave i will look into the hard money lender's it's just the internet (search data base) is so over-saturated and it becomes overwhelming a bit at times

 If it feels like there are too many to choose from, just call the very first one and talk to them. You may feel like you blunder through it a little, but the next one will be better! Then after you have called 20 or 50, narrow it down to which ones you liked. Take notes when you are talking to them so you can remember them. Call them back again if you need more information.