Hubzu: Who pays your realtor (Florida)

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If it doesn't say so specifically on the hubzu page assume it is you if you want to use an agent.  Not all agents can handle this type of transaction, and many won't without an agreement from you to pay them if hubzu won't

That depends on state law. Often you pay them for winning a bid. It is on the local mls sites also.  Some pays agent representing buyer 1% but charge buyer X%.  People feel it is not justified. However, many buyer get good deals.

You can bid it yourself w/o an agent.

 Ever saw a hunzu auction that didn’t pay the buyer agent.  However, if they are paying a lower than typical rate (say 1% that I have never seen) and IF you had a buyer rep agreement with your agent saying you would make up the difference up to say 2.5 or 3%, then you would pay the difference.  If you did Not have such an agreement, you are not Legally liable and the agent is stuck, u less you Want to pay them extra.

I am closing on a HUBZU house tomorrow.  When I put in my bid, I just listed my agent (as buyer's agent) and she is getting a small fee from Hubzu, while their worthless sales agent (wouldn't answer calls, emails, etc.) is getting $1,000.  Hubzu paid both agents.  They are also paying the title insurance since I am using their title company.