Has anyone become a realtor for a state they don't live in?

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Hi BP! I am a Florida native currently living in New York. I plan on moving back in a few years and want to have my broker's license so that I can have my own property management company. I have my own rentals in Florida that I self manage from here. I was reading online and it seems that I can take the Florida RE broker's exam without being a current resident. I wanted to avoid having to hang my license for 2 years while I'm there and instead already have an active license once I move. Just wanted to see if anyone here has done this before! Thanks!

There is typically a minimum experience requirement as a salesperson before you can become a broker, or experience in the field which you might have with your own rentals. I would check on that first. REBNY actually offers a Florida licensing course here and I believe there is a testing site for the FL exam downtown. There are many NY agents that are dually licensed in FL.