Is it worth investing on your own real estate license?

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I’m just starting out but I’m really interested in pursuing my real estate license while I’m also searching for my first deal. Do you think it’s worth investing the time to become a real estate agent now or should I just wait until I’ve done a couple of deals before I go ahead and pursue it. I believe it will help me learn and connect early on. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

Getting your real estate license (assuming just a salesperson and not knowing your state law) is a complicated question.

For starters as only a salesperson most states require you to work under a brokerage. to gain any of the benefits of the license. (MLS, etc). The brokerage will have expectations on your performance and output. So you will need to likely have active clients of your own.

There of course is realtor dues associated usually.  States can require you to be part of the state realtors association and some state associations require you to be part of a local.  (Not to mention a brokerage will typically have local membership requirements as well.)

As a salesperson you work as your own buyer's agent in deals and request to collect the buyer's agent commission.  Then on the flip side when you are selling you could reduce the commission you pay by waiving your personal commission (probably can't waive the brokerage).  

You gain access to MLS, which means early access and hot deal notifications. You can join the "boys club" (no sexism meant, just to stress that the realtors are usually an exclusive club) which means you may be able to get off-market leads from them as well. You can offer referrals for the agents who bring you deals.

I think its good enough to do, just be aware of all that comes along with it. 

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