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Hey, I am currently a 16 year old sophomore in high school. My passion is real estate, I buy books on investing, watch youtube videos about it all day, got a job at McDonald’s to learn how to interact with people better, and I follow all the real estate guys I look up to like, Grant Cardone. My question is, do you think it would be a good idea to start selling real estate right out of high school. My parents don’t, but I know that I will be able to learn everything college can teach me, but without a degree. Do any of you have any advice to going into real estate. Do you think I could get hired as a real estate agent at 18 if I am 100% committed. And what what your journey to getting into to real estate and how has it worked out so far for you?

@Jordan Lucas Hi jordan, yes you can be a real estate at age 18 but i suggest you maintain a decent/well paying full timeish job (30-40 hrs) until youre up off your feet as there are a lot of expenses to being an agent and you dont always have clients immediately. It is definitely possible as long as you are self motivated and work hard!

@Suny Capezzuto thanks Sunny, I appreciate the advice and will definitely look out, as time comes closer to me turning 18, for a better paying job. How was your first year like as an agent ?

@Jordan Lucas I just got licensed last week 😉 i never wanted to be an agent until i realized some of the benefits its provided me. i do already have clients but i had them before i finished classes as i know them personally. networking is key! but thank god for my full time job, already: $2k in classes, $500 realtor association fee, $350 mls fee, expenses to huy business clothes, $50 business cards, monthly brokerage fee which i dont actually have to pay yet but you get the point. it adds up!

@Jordan Lucas thank you! i wish you the best as well. feel free to reach out if you ever need help.

@Jordan Lucas with no experience you won’t be able to negotiate your fees very much. So basically, yes! Break in and get that experience. By the time your 21 you’ll be killing it!

why would you pay $2000 for a school? I did the 90 hour course and studied and passed the test in a two week span all on my phone

@Jordan Lucas , man I really commend you!  Most kids your age want to just go home after school and play video games all day, but you've got your eyes on your future and that is awesome.  I got my license when I was 18, but did not really go full time with it until 22 after college.  Treated it like a part time job myself.  I'm now 30 and I own a brokerage firm with 10 other awesome real estate agents in the Raleigh area where we also invest in residential flips and commercial buy and holds.  You absolutely can make it at any age in real estate.  Some people will look at your age as inexperience, but with the right hustle and personality you can easily overcome it.  But it will take work, and lots of it.

@Russ Lockamy thanks man I really appreciate your comment. I have goals to be where your at one day!! I do have a question for you though. While in college did you sell anything or were you mostly trying to make a clientele for after college? Also, since you have your own brokerage on what conditions would you hire a 18 year old ? And one more - do you have any tips for me for the real estate business?

@Jordan Lucas strive for more than that!  I did sell some in college, but was not getting at it full time.  I was really blessed that I had parents that had the means to support most of my living expenses during that time.  I could have, and should have put more effort into my real estate career at that time and I would be even further than I am now, but really, I didn't know what I wanted to do career wise until after I graduated college.  That's where you could be ahead of the game.   In real estate, it's all about passion and persistence.  So I look for someone who has drive and is a self starter.  Right off the bat if you came up to me and said you spent your summer after high school getting your license, I'd know you'd have what it takes with the right guidance.  Tips - For right now, learn and read all you can, but make sure you listen to your folks and make good grades in school as well.  You can absolutely go to college and kill it in real estate at the same time with the right work ethic.  But college is hard to do without the grades in high school.

@Russ Lockamy thank you for the insight on how you got where you are now and the path you took and your tips. Right now in school I make very good grades and am in all the advances classes and I’ve already taken an AP class and passed the exam. That saying, I think I could do college but idk if I could do real estate at the same time. And I would definitely rather do real estate, but who knows, I know college is always a great option but at the same time if I don’t get the scholarships/grants I need then I feel it could hinder my real estate ability bc of the extra debt.

@Jordan Lucas absolutely. You’ve got time. You will figure it out. Just keep doing what you are doing. You’ll be writing books for BP and taking @Brandon Turner ’s spot before you know it. 

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If your parents are supporting you or if you have another job while you do RE, do it.

It takes time to build your network

@Kanwar Sodhi thanks for your response. I think I’ll have a combination of the two, working and some parent support. I am definitely in for the long game in real estate. How long did it take you to get where you wanted to be in real estate?

@Jordan Lucas Hey Jordan! I’m 18 myself and while I don’t exactly know much about being an agent, I do know that networking is a tool you’ll have to get used to using (at least from an investors viewpoint). Also have you considered wholesaling as an option?

@Eli Rollins hello. Networking is very important and I am going to have to learn how to do it better and attend local events to network. I have considered wholesaling, but not much. I’m curious. Have you had in success with wholesaling or have any knowledge to pass down for me about it ? Thanks !

@Jordan Lucas No problem Jordan! I don’t have much experience in it but from what I have learned it has more moving parts than what an agent has access to. For example if you were dealing with a motivated seller you could get that property under contract for much less than it would originally be sold for and then turn around and sell it to an investor for a profit. So a bunch more freedom in general compared to an agent.

@Jordan Lucas you can certainly do it. I’d get started on a team as a licensed assistant or anything you can do to get your foot in the door. Learn and do anything you can to get experience!

There's a guy on Youtube known as 'Meet Kevin' who is a realtor in SoCal. He became an agent when he was a teenager and does very well (I think he's still in his 20s - he invests in real estate as well). 

He engages with his subscribers and so I'm sure if you check out his videos and ask him questions/advice he will answer your questions in the comments section. 

@Jordan Moorhead thanks for the advice. I think that’s the right path for me to take so I can learn everything that I can about real estate.

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