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My name is Savion Miller and I am a fairly new agent ( 5 months ) I have not yet to sell a home ( listing or represent buyer ) so I have started taking this position as a realtor more seriously by purchasing Cole realty resource along with mojo dialer & slybroadcast for voicemail drops. I have yet to incorporate facebook ads. My concern is should I be more focused on contacting FSBO's & Expired/Cancelled or cold calling for possible listing. I understand that a pipeline in real estate sales is important but as far as right now money wouldn't the best option be to call warmer leads such as fsbos & expireds? I am using scripts from Bob Loeffler's fearless agent program. Please help any information or tips would be appreciated.

@Savion Miller

I'm a new agent as well (licensed in March) and am also in learning mode.

From what I've seen so far, lead generation isn't just important...its vital.  Nothing else really matters beyond this bc if there are no leads coming in, there is no business being done.

My opinion, targeting FSBO/expired's is good, but should only be one of the multiple channels you are targeting with your marketing campaigns. I would recommend a systematized approach to your marketing and it should be ongoing so when a seller/buyer thinks about making a move or someone who knows of a friend or colleague who might want to sell or buy, they think of you as the agent to call.

I've never done it, but cold calling sounds slow and painful...but if it works, have at it.

Best of luck,

The technology lead generation can be a waste of resources.  How many times a day you receive a call soliciting something?  If someone wants a realtor he can contact friends for multiple referrals or relatives who are licensed.  Best is out open to meet people. Open house, door knock. Studies show 90% of new realtors do not have any sale after 1st year. 50% gave up after that. First year is crucial as some can quickly strike on their own doing well. Good luck.

I am a new agent. I’ve started in February with 100% brokerage and zero training. I’ve   closed on 2 deals, I have one transaction in escrow, one listing coming up next week and I always looking for more houses for my solid buyers. I did not spent a dime on a lead generation or marketing my self (except business cards and listing materials). I do post on a craigslist one same ad every month for free. From this ad I’ve build a solid  buyers list of cash investors. They all want deals and I find it for them. I’ve learned my market and I can tell you about every single possible deal in any price range. I’ve spent 4 months following a flip project one of my investors, helping him and learning everything I can about construction, cost of materials and labor. I am networking and building my contact list of an investors, wholesalers, agents, contractors, gardeners, handyman’s, cleaners etc...I’m not just a real estate agent. I am Investor Friendly Agent. 😊

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