Pittsburgh PA property tour

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Good day;

I'm a Army Veteran; (qualified VA Home loan consumer) looking to meet up with active, knowledgeable agents within the Pittsburgh PA Area.

I’ll be in town that weekend for a event on August 5th 2019.

Figured since I’ll be there I mind as well get a better understanding of the Pittsburgh market and establish some quality relationships while visiting via business.

If anyone is available I’d love to meet and better yet look at a few deals in the area.

- Chris

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@Christopher Owens Hi Chris, When choosing an agent, I suggest finding one who lives in your city, knows the areas extensively and has years of experience combined with a proven track record of representing Investors on a variety of transactions. While one Investor might be interested in house hacking to start, as one's portfolio grows, that same Investor might develop interest in other types of properties. Finding a Realtor with a wider variety of experience, in many types of transactions, helps to open up options so you can truly decide where you would like to proceed. 

Pick an agent who can also help grow your team as they should be connected to Lenders, Contractors, Inspectors, Settlement Companies etc. Of course one can always choose to not go with their recommendations, but having these contacts are a good start. 

As I also said in an earlier post, a good Realtor can be an advocate in finding, viewing, advising, deal negotiating and closing on REI transactions that can help build your portfolio positively. Since you will be here August 5th, get one that will set you up with possible properties for your viewing and has the time to take you through these properties and show you the various Pittsburgh neighborhoods while you are here. I hope that helps and I wish you the best.

As a fellow veteran, I thank you for your service. Gary

@Aaron F.

Hello; not sure exactly as to what your question is in regards to...?

If your referring to my occupation; simply put the mobile app doesn’t have my occupation so I selected the closes one I could muster.

@Christopher Owens

As @Gary Swank mentioned in his post above, there are different types of real estate in which different agents specialize. Therefore, knowing what strategy you intend to focus on will help you determine what type of real estate you’re looking to buy and narrow your search for an agent.