Part time real estate agent, worth it?

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I am looking to get into real estate but I am currently working a 9-5. I have been reading real estate books and have been interested in getting licensed so I could practice eventually part time.

My question is, is there a agency that would hire part time agents? And is it possible to make an income working part time? If so, what’s the best way to find a mentor?

(Side note: I’m willing to put in the time and effort in the evenings and weekends to make it work. )

100% worth it if you’re willing to straight hustle. Often agents are being asked to show properties when others aren’t working so you may have some late nights as you can probably imagine. Additionally if you’re trying to get into real estate you’ll get a lot of first glimpses into properties. Depending on your results in sales you may find the costs prohibitive annually but you’ll never know till you try. 

@Val Socorro if you can answer calls/emails during your 9-5 you'll be good to start while you gain knowledge/clients. But beyond that your day job will severely limit your potential in real estate. Once you're confident this is what you want to do, quit the 9-5 and your motivation to get listings/clients should skyrocket as you won't have that W2 paycheck to fall back on. It might seem like all the "work" happens outside of "work hours", but that's just showings and client communications. The prospecting, negotiating, and coordinating will absorb your time during the day.

And sure, you can just limit your business so that you can handle both the W2 and RE, but you likely won't make enough to make it worthwhile after expenses like licensing fees, mls fees, splits, e&o, marketing, etc.

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@Val Socorro Just do it. I commented on another post similar today. In a nutshell, be hungry, connect with people daily, be responsive, be helpful, and ask for referrals.

I am a part-timer 5 years strong, my W-2 pays my basic living expenses, provides PTO, and pays health insurance. I review market activity before W-2 work, call when I need to during the day on my lunches and breaks, and then add to my network or calk in evenings a few days a week. I show homes after I get off work in evenings and on weekends. I tell people, "It's my travel money, and since I like to travel, I push it." Real estate is a contact sport and you need to be very organized. When deals come (yes it is feast or famine), my wife hates it because it consumes most of my "off" time, but then she is happy with it when I tell her I just booked a trip for a waterpark adventure for family, or I picked up tickets for date night to a show, concert, or sporting event. Or use it to raise cash for a goal, like a newer car, vacation home, or anything else. Be aware, it is not easy though, and without schedule blocking, I would be dead in water because of how busy I am. People ask me if I am available such and such, and I always say, no committments until I check my schedule.