Looking for agent to work with in Little Rock, AR

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Hey @Ryan Clark !  I'd love to connect you with the best agent who will serve your socks off in LR!    Are you looking to buy a small MF (2-4 units) or a commercial property (5+ units)?  Also, are you looking in Little Rock and North Little Rock or the peripheral towns like Conway, Jacksonville, Sheridan, etc?

Great idea!  The west side of the metro seems to have the best combination of growth, value, and long-range desirability.  

I sent you Zach's info, so you should see it in your inbox.  ''

Here for you,

@Hadar Orkibi True! He leads a team that does SFR, small multi-family properties, and PM all over the central AR area, with the brokerage HQd in Conway. Have you dealt with him before?

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