Not getting showings on new listing

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Listed my first house Friday and it only got one showing over the weekend. Market is good and the home is staged with professional photos. Feedback from the agent was that it had too many steps (it’s a 3-story townhouse).

Other properties in the development have been listed from $330-$345k and they are closing at $320-325k but none of them have water views and this unit does. It’s listed at $329,900. There is a new construction townhouse community about 1/2 mile away starting at $380k.

Any suggestions on how to increase showings? I did a Facebook ad over the weekend too.

I haven't found FB ads to be all that helpful, but it does show the seller that you are trying. I have found that pricing is the main reason something doesn't sell. If it is priced appropriately for condition, location, etc, then it should at least be getting showings. Where are you located at? Florida is in the "off season" right now, so it's relatively slow here. I wish I could give more feedback, but I would have to see the property to give you any more advice. I hope it goes well. 

FB ads will work if you know who/where to target, but if you're not doing it right it won't work, as you may be finding out. FB recently cracked down on who you can target when it comes to housing, making it even tougher to advertise housing. A weekend is not long enough for a Facebook ad. You need to run it for at least a week if not two. It also depends on what your ad actually says vis a vis is it compelling enough for someone to click on it.