Sales agent job offer for a franchise?

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I’m being offered a job as a sales agent for Re/max. It’s a franchise realty, and I have to pay 310/mo to represent the company. I get 70% commission on sales. Does anyone think this sounds ok?

Please, any feedback is appreciated

@Albert Pena I have scheduled to take the test here in Florida and have since received 5 unsolicited invitations to join this or that brokerage. Hard to say if that is a good fit for you or not. Will they train you? will they connect you with an experienced mentor to show you the ropes. What do they provide you in terms of support? There are probably better commission splits out there but what does Remax offer you as an agent and what would you not get at a brokerage that has better commission splits. It is all a trade off. I would talk to a few other brokerages and see what your options are before going with the first girl that asked you to the dance. 

Do you have a cap? Most remaxs you can do 95% split with a desk fee of $900-1400 a month. Thats a really descent deal for established agents, less so for new agents.

your best bet is likely going to be to join a good producing team and learn the ropes that way. Venture out on your own after youve got the hang of things, and built up some confidence and deals under your belt. 

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