Finding a Rockstar Real Estate Agent

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Hi there, I am beginning to look for a multifamily property to househack and am searching for a great real estate agent. I have been trying to prepare a list of things to ask my potential Realitor such as comparable property prices and rent pricing. What are other important things I should expect a Realitor to know about the property and the area?

Hey Shawn,  I've been in real estate for over 35 years, and just moved to New England.  I have met with Jon Bombaci on several occasions.  He and his team are pretty savvy about multi-unit dwellings and investing.  He has various informational meet ups in Mass.  You might want to check out his website, he works with Candor Realty in Lowell MA but has capable and knowledgable agents throughout New England.

Hi @Shawn Burns and thank you @Devin M. ! We focus on helping investors and househackers in MA but we have some referral partners that we work well with in CT. The reason why we’re able to help so many househackers and newer investors is because I househacked mt first property and everyone on my team is either investing or planning to invest within the first year. I’m a big believer in you must be willing to eat what you preach. So when interviewing agents I’d ask questions along that line. Some questions I’d recommend are. 

How many investors do you work with?

Can you help me run the math and check my numbers?

Do you invest why or why not?

If they do invest then ask what happens if they find a great deal that meets your criteria, do they buy it or pass it along to you?

And then see how the conversation goes. 

Best of luck I think househacking is the best way to get started in real Estate investing so congrats on deciding to go that route! 



Most Realtors who live in CT can help you. All an out of state agent is going to do is make a referral fee off of you. There is no need to go through a middle man. Message me and I can direct you better. 

p.s. it's pronounced Real-tour, Realtor no i sorry it's just a huge pet peeve of mines.