New Agent/New city- advice in growing network?

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You can network and market yourself to try and build new relationships or you can focus on your immediate circle. Both can work but I think the latter is easier and faster. I found a free program online that I often share with people. Email me if you want a copy.

@Gaby Perez

People always tell me I’m a natural networker and I usually think to myself something about how I’m not sure if that’s true, I wonder if they are just being nice, etc.

I will say I claim to actually give a crap about people.

Here’s my point: maybe I am “good” at networking but if so I don’t think it’s skill, it’s effort. I don’t always make a connection for my own benefit. Sometimes I’m naive to nefarious intent. But I usually can create a connection of two or more people in a setting and come to a mutual benefit.

I’m not actually trying to talk about me, so here’s some $0.02 of advice:

Don't find people to network with to gain from, but give to. Even if, and especially if, it's non-real estate related. If you're on social, like and comment on other people's stuff and celebrate them. Go to happy hours and be nice to people. Or church. Niceness & kindness go a long way.

Concentrate on your own backyard.

1/4 mile circle from where you live. Meet everyone there first. Make sure you are there go-to RE Agent. Walk neighborhoods, knock doors, flyers, host or sponsor events... Saturate your local market before you try to shotgun the world.

Personal relationships and referrals will beat mass marketing every time if you want to close deals immediately.