Agent’s license? (A little more specific)

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I'll try to keep this question simple.... do you think I can benefit from getting my license? I am planning to become a full time agent in 3-4 years either way, as soon as I separate from the military. This will be my primary income while I build my portfolio. I have further refined my closer goals to include building my wholesale business to allow myself access to deals which will either be wholesaled to provide capital for buy and hold, or just become buy and hold if the deal makes sense. Either way, I want an acquisitions based business. That said, I am imagining if I had my license, I would have the freedom of placing my own offers at free will, amending those offers, and representing myself in the deal if it comes to that end. Also I see the added bonus of acting as the seller's agent if they decide listing on the MLS is a better option. Does this make sense? Do you see any issues with this? Thank you!

@Cody Smith Yes, Cody. That makes perfect sense. A lot of the things you mentioned resonate with me, as that’s why I got my real estate license. You just want to make sure your broker is acceptable of the whole saling side. Many wholesalers are flocking to get their license now anyway with these new regulations coming down.

At any rate, having a real estate license will definitely speed up your acquisitions for the reasons you mentioned.

@Dalyn Hazell Thanks for the reply! That’s great to hear. I’m a super independent person (arguably to a fault), and having full control over my offers and the agent’s side of things I believe would work well for me. The main concern I have with getting it early is not being able to fully focus on being an agent until I’m out of the military. I have an ego portion of that concern that makes me want top honors my first year as an agent. Whether that’s overzealous or not, that’s one reason I was planning on waiting, to have full focus on my work and make the most of it.

@Jennifer Lyles those are exactly my thoughts. I just needed some professional advice to make sure that was the right idea! I think already having acted as an agent through my own deals could really lessen the learning curve when I pursue it full time. Thank you!

@Cody Smith    Go for it.  Especially if you have down time now.   Figure out what you can do remotely.   Can you virtually wholesale or start a great military referral business.   You should know tons of people moving, so just have to match them up with realtors who will help them either where you live or where they're going or both and earn a referral fee.

@Bruce Lynn Thank you for the advice! Those are some very interesting ideas, things I will definitely have to look into. I was hoping to take advantage of my time in the military to focus on a military client niche as an agent since I am very familiar with the lifestyle. I hadn't thought of referrals. Thank you!