Should I go with another broker?

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Hello BP, thank you for reading my post! I am currently working on completing my RE prerequisite course for GA and plan to complete the exam by the end of May. I have an agent in my area that I have purchased a couple of properties with, and he introduced me to his broker prior to me beginning the licensing process. He is a high producing agent in the area, and a great potential mentor to help me get started as an agent (his personal offer). After having these interactions/meetings, I feel by default I am going to work for that brokerage. After doing some thinking, I don’t feel comfortable trusting that this brokerage will be the best fit for me without exploring my other options to be sure. I would hate to affect my career as an agent by not choosing the best brokerage for me. If I did go somewhere else, however, I would lose that potential mentorship by the agent I have a relationship with. Any advice? Am I thinking about this incorrectly? Thank you!

No your thinking is very logical and smart.

Your agent that has mentored you would agree.

Your agent understands that it is your decision and that there is something that is rubbing you wrong 

with the brokerage!

No big deal, its a free land and you can pick your company to work with.

Good luck!

@David Avery , thank you for the reply! I apologize for my delayed response, I did not see the notification. I'm sure he would understand if I decided to go elsewhere, that's a great point. It might even be a good idea to see what his opinion is and why in his experience I should stick with this brokerage over another. I don't currently have any issues with them at all, I just find it risky to not at least explore my other options. Thank you!