any networth realty agents

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I'm not an agent yet but am studying for it and also doing research on brokerages and am very interested in knowing more about networth realty since I know they only work with investors so am wondering if there's any networth realty agents out there who can give me more info about the company and how they work

@Veronica Calvillo Networth is a national wholesaler using licensed agents.They do a high volume of buisness and the licensed agent i work with locally has been there for several years. I have purchased their deals in the past. But they tend to be over priced because they way under estimate repairs. Plus, what I am seeing from them in the DFW market is that they aren't 3/2/2. So they don't make for good rentals per se. Also, you have to pay a non-refundable deposit of at least $5K sometimes sight unseen. So if you don't move quick you will lose out. Thus, I recommend to first time investors to look elsewhere. Hope this helps. 

@Veronica Calvillo The buyer  has to pay non-refundable $4K not the Networth agent. Please note if buyer backs out Networth keeps the $5K. But if they go thru with closing it gets credited to the buyer. I wanted to give you an idea of how Networth operates from the buyers perspective.